Enterprise Architecture
Our enterprise architects help key stakeholders understand the implications of their strategic options then help to design, plan and oversee the construction of an enterprise to achieve the goals of the chosen strategy. Whether you have a mature enterprise architecture capability or are just starting out, our small team of experts can help you achieve a startling difference. We specialise in architecture for regulated industries and will help you achieve perfect compliance.

Business Transformation
There are many consulting firms that will do their best to convince you that business transformation is about getting the right strategic vision and we agree. We don’t pretend to their capabilities in helping you craft new strategic visions. The big difference is that we can help you with the hardest part: the execution of the transformation.

ClassiQ Regulation Framework
If you already have a mature architecture capability and want to add Regulation Artefacts to it, we can train your architecture team in the use of our regulation framework. The training is quick and effective because the framework is simple to understand.

Mega Enterprise Architecture Suite
Our specialists offer meta-model changes to adapt the tool to fit your enterprise. We offer a unique set of descriptors that allow you to communicate your architecture to all stakeholders and not just Mega users.